Home Alone Cooking Day 3: Full of beans

The pomegranate seeds were next of the items to need using up, and I was intrigued at the idea of combining them with beans and pesto.

Home Alone 3 001

It was a very simple and quick recipe, though I did cheat a little and use a ready made jigger of pesto.

Home Alone 3 002

But…….a whole can of beans for one person? There are no calorie counts or nutritional info given in the book, and while it’s USP is it’s “healthiness”, I’d like to know this.  Another niggle is that some of the quantities given are imprecise – a handful of pumpkin seeds, for example.

Home Alone 3 004

The combination of crunchy seeds, bursts of pomegranate, soft beans and rich pesto was really good, and I could see myself making this again.  I will plug the ingredients into My Fitness Pal to get a feel for how calorific it is, but the measurement of seeds would need to be more precise.

Using a full can of beans – it’s approximately 600 calories, 60g of carbohydrate (the beans and pomegranate), 25g fat (pesto and seeds), and 25g protein (the beans and seeds).  The book is gluten free and the recipes have no added sugar.

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