Home Alone Cooking Day 2: So. Much. Kale.

My Click and Collect groceries are here!

ella day 2 001

I got lots of frozen seafood, including salmon, prawns and scallops.

ella day 2 002

Store cupboard protein – puy lentils, cashews and pine nuts.

ella day 2 003

Fresh fruit – limes, lemons and pomegranate arils.

ella day 2 005

And fresh vegetables.  Lots and lots of veg.  Too much, really!

ella day 2 004

The nice C&C man pointed out that the kale was short dated, so I’ll work on using that one up first.  I’d been planning a laksa tonight, but instead went for Ella’s Green Goddess Bowl, which has “a good handful of kale” as one of the ingredients.

ella day 2 007

The combination was really good – slightly crunchy steamed veg, with soft quinoa, but teh dressing was just fabulous – tahini, lemon juice and garlic.  I’ll definitely make that again!

I’ll also make her kale and cannelini bean stew, to which I’ll add those leftover carrot strips,  and put individual portions in the freezer.  Dammit, need sticky labels!

ella day 2 006

For lunch today I had some of the leftover carrot and courgette salad, which is very filling.  There’s even some left for tomorrow.  I accompanied that with some pumpkin seed ryvita and sweet chilli feta.

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