Eurovision 2021 by theme

Right. I have listened to all the 2021 songs, downloaded the album to have while running, and have watched all the videos. I’ve grouped (most of) them by the common themes I’ve identified below. These of course are based on the video, the official staging might well be different. The bracket (1) indicates they are in the (tough!) first semi-final, (2) is the second, while an (A) indicates automatic qualification to the final.

  1. French language

There are 3 songs in this category, 2 are sung completely in French, one just has a French title. But isn’t it interesting that these 3 are also the bookies top 3 (at time of writing)!

France (A)– Edith Piaf channelling, with delightful rolling Rs, a speeding up final verse, passionate delivery from a stunning looking woman with an amazing voice.  A fast waltz, with Hushabye Mountain hints. Voila!

Switzerland  (2) – sung in French, but with a softer accent than the France entry,  Tout l’univers delivers a haunting tune, with goose-pimply use of falsetto.  The video is a literal car crash, if not a metaphorical one.  But if the staging is just sad-man-at-a-piano it might not have a great impact.  But the song does build, and is not the same throughout.  It also hits the “spooky!” category (see later), and – always a good feature – a nod to The Beatles.

Malta (1) – Big girl with a funky sax. It’s just the title Je Me Casse, that’s in French, the rest is in English.  Though there is a very funny misheard line – Ladies if you feel like farting tonight, it’s all right.

2. Technicolour

First up is Australia (1).  They joined the contest in 2015, and have been serious contenders every year, Dani Im and Sound of Silence being very much the song that would’ve won under a different voting system.  They’ve consistently sent great songs….but this year I think with Montaigne (Cranberries soundalike in big boots) they will struggle to get to the final.  Technicolor is a bit wooden and stomp,  it doesn’t really hit any emotional buttons or be striking musically.  Sorry!

San Marino (2) – technicolour hair, singer is trying to find her inner Beyonce with Adenalina

Croatia (1)  – One of several Lady Gaga-likes,  with rainbow hair and teddies Tik Tok (bit of Croatian in one verse)

3. Pink Suits

Again, this is just based on the vids, and the final staging may well be different.  But here we have:

Israel  (1) – hairography, pink trouser suit, few shrill high notes that only dogs can hear, matchy matchy outifts, Set Me Free would be at home at a gay nightclub, always a good sign.

Serbia (2) – very fast! Identikit outfits , me love you long time, pink suit, Loco Loco

Sweden  (1) – pink suit, catchy Voices

4. Kids TV inspired

Germany (A)– kids TV “I’m mad, me” zany colourful ukulele playing, tune for I Don’t Feel Hate clearly takes its musical inspirations from Baby Shark

Bulgaria (2) – Growing Up is Getting Old – children’s nursery rhyme, music box

5. Lady Gaga wannabe

Moldova (2)  – Lady Gaga wannabe, the soft porn video is trashy, overly sexualised, and feels very out of place set against the many other “be yourself, believe in yourself, self worth” numbers this year.  Dancing ice cream cones, Sugar

Greece (2) – up tempo Last Dance, good running soundtrack, but reminiscent of a tampax advert with a white trouser wearing singer leaps onto a flying horse

see also Croatia and Cyprus

6. Religious connections

There are two songs titled Amen!

Austria (2)  – Chinese James Bond theme song  with Amen

Slovenia (1)  – more gospel.  More Amen.  Looks like Britney, sounds like Aretha

Czechia (2)– dreadlocks Bruno Mars thinks that “Omaga” will not offend anyone who might have been offended by “Oh My God”.  Dreadful lyrics: there ain’t no apocalypse, long as you’re here on my lips

Cyprus (1) – Lady Gaga inspired, sounds like Roxette, hint of nursery rhyme, the ethereal looking Elena with El Diablo

Norway (1) – really literal staging with the wings, chains, and surrounding demons, Fallen Angel is a slow bit of a dirge, I wouldn’t care if I never heard this again.  (it reminds me of something but can’t quite place it?)

7. Matching coloured outfits

Iceland  (2) – Dadi again, though not as catchy as Think About Things.  Matching outfits, bad dad-dance routine

Lithuania (1) – matching yellow suits, the Roop with Discoteque.  Mad dancing

Poland (2)  – afternoon quiz show theme tune, with a hint of Knight Rider, the Ride has a Bucks Fizz feel, matchy suits

Azerbaijan (1)  – hair, ethnic wind instrument Mata Hari, matchy matchy outfits

8. Other-worldy bad dream horror movie vibe (spooky!)

Albania (2) – Karma, folk instruments, big busty blonde, dark thriller with twins in a dream

Belgium (1)  – Hooverphonic with The Wrong Place, slow, murder mystery corpse bride feel, odd chord sequence

9. Rawk

We all loved Lordi, but can a rock number succeed at Eurovision?

Finland (2)  – Evanescence /Green Day/Limp Biskit Dark Side

Italy (A)– another rock number (Is ziti not a type of pasta?)

10. 3/4 time

Gerogia (2) – beard and bald, slow waltz You

Romania (1)– Loreen lookalike with a 6/8 waltz-time self-help pep talk surrounded by contempo-waft.

11. And the rest!

Denmark (2)– proper old skool in Danish, dad dancing

Estonia (2) – Lucky One, very slow and moody

Ireland (1) – another good running song, with a hint of Oirish tin whistle, Maps is a self affirmative hug-in-a-song.  Wiwiblogs love it, other fans worry that it wont make it out of the tough first semi.

Latvia  (2) Big Girls R Us, Moon is Rising, Greatest Showman, bit slow and ponderous, ostinato uh-aah is annoying

North Macedonia (1)– Andrew Lloyd Weber number Here I stand; big key change and a big finish, which adds to the musical theatre vibe.

Portugal (2) – nasal voice, white hat, simply red Black Mamba, Love is On My Side.  I don’t like this song, but I’ve heard their acoustic version of Fuego so I have great respect for their musicianship

Russia (1) – Shouting. Bazouki.  Off-the-beat ethnic drumming.  A Very admirable singer, and a positive message don’t be afraid to be yourself, but oh it’s so shouty and noisy!  Lil bit of politics creeping in (say it aint so!), and there’s no such thing as bad publicity

Spain (A)  – voy a quederma, boy band looks, otherwise forgettable

The Netherlands  (A)– Ladysmith Black mambasa, African inspired– Birth of a new age

Ukraine (1) – I hated it the first time I heard it, but it has really grown on me.  Love the gradual speeding up. Ethnic nose flute playing merged with techno, and the group is another accomplished combo who I’ve seen do Dancing Lasha Tumbai with aplomb.  Shum, indeed.

UK  (A) –  Embers from James Newman, upbeat summer top down car tune with brass band backing


This is a great year’s songs, there are very few I really dislike.  A few growers, which won’t do well as many voters only get to see them once or twice.  I’d be happy for any of the 3 French bookies choice to win, but I also have a soft spot for Ukraine, Ireland, and Greece.