Blogging, jogging, and dog…..runningwithdogs.

That’s my doggy Minnie, the cocker spaniel. She is my usual parkrun companion, and chief hill-getter-upper.
I live in the City of Lisburn, just outside Belfast, with my husband Roger.  My son Harry is a backstage techie specialising in automation, and my daughter Jemima does various bits of contemporary and hip-hop dancing.   Dancing has been my life long passion, and I’m a keen Scottish country dancer, having recently qualified as an instructor. I try to keep up with modern technology, and especially like creating photo and video montages. I love to travel, and I also enjoy writing, my speciality being cheesy poetry 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Dear Linda –
    great minds etc see title of play at http://www.thecelltheatre.org/theirishcellmar2012/

  2. I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please see this link at http://wp.me/piVRT-2M6 Congratulations!

  3. Hi. My wife and I spotted Minnie (then you) when you did the Waterworks parkrun 🙂 I have been enjoying your blogs on the different local parkruns. Be sure to get the one in Derry city done ASAP as the course route might be changing soon. Plus Stormont parkrun starts at the end of the month!

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