premieres and popcorn

I was at a film premiere today! (I know, I know, what a glamorous and classy life I do lead…). I was scratching my head wondering what to wear – was it time to dig out the taffeta ballgown and diamante tiara? But since the event was taking place in the Black Box, a trendy venue in Belfast’s hip and happening Cathedral quarter, I decided that crops and a denim jacket were more appropriate. Now, I was only there cos I’d met Em at Little Shop of Horrors, which I’d only been at because another hootoo friend had mentioned it on Facebook, so it was a real culmination of social networking improving my actual social life (glamorous and classy as it is…). Em had put in a lot of effort, and I was most impressed that she’d not only made popcorn, but also the cone holders for it. So impressed, in fact, that I made my own little movie when I got home.

And the film? Well, it was a spoof rockumentary in the Spinal Tap vein, with some great lines, and some rather good cinematography, showing just what can be done with today’s easily accesible technology. I particularly liked the final scene, where the 3 band members walked away from camera in slo-mo, before fading individually, back into the ether from whence they came (that’s enough pretentious film reviewer bollocks – Ed)

Editing suite

I seem to have spent most of today in edit mode: this afternoon was devoted to sitting in a dark room with a bloke in Newtownards who I’ve entrusted to edit the old camcorder tapes of my parents. This will be part of the Golden wedding anniversary present so I’d like a good job made of it. As we went through the rushes and I watched him edit, using me to identify which grandchild was which, I got the horrible feeling I could have done better myself. I did have fun though, using the number of candles on the cake, or the badge the child was wearing, and the “Happy Birthday to….” name in my quest for identification. And gosh it was spooky seeing all the kids when they were teeny. And more than a little embarrassing

7th birthday cake

7th birthday cake

seeing my hairstyles and outfits.

Bout ye, good people!

Be gentle with me. I’m learning as I go.