Welcome Minerva

Well, on Saturday we collected our new addition – Minerva von Thunder (or Minnnie for short), a cute little cocker spaniel puppy. Her mum is black and white, and dad golden – she is mostly black with tan paws, chest and eyebrows. So far I find her really intelligent – I swear she has different noises for “I’m hungry”, “I need out”, “I’m sleepy”, and “I want to play”. And her latest game “Help! I’ve climbed all the way upstairs and now I can’t get down!”

Now, sleeping through the night is always difficult for a young pup – getting used to being away from the litter for starters, and then going for hours without feeding or peeing. She’s in Max’s old crate (which is a bit big for her) in the utility room, and we’ve taken to leaving the door open so that she can get out of the crate of she needs to pee or poo (newspapers on the floor). I can put in earplugs to ignore the noise until a semi-respectable 5.30 at least, but I think Max would like some doggie ear-plugs too!