Photohunt Clean

On our last visit to London we stayed in Moorgate, and were very taken with this modern glass building across from teh hotel. When we ventured closer, we discovered the window cleaners hard at work.
window cleaners in a glass buidling

I suspect that’s a full time job a City Point!

Photohunt creative

Here’s my very talented friend M designing a banner for our hiking team, 8-legs good.

Photohunt Magical

My daughter’s idea of a magic kingdom….

Photohunt: scoop

Ah, St Patricks Day! The world’s excuse to dye everything green, and flavour everything with Guinness. Including ice-cream.
Guinness flavoured ice-cream

Actually, this worked quite well – the malty flavour of the stout was reminiscent of other confectionery like Maltesers, and I don’t like my desserts to be overly sweet.  For reference, this was in an ice-cream parlour in Newcastle, Co Down, where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.

Photohunt Zap

A tricky subject this week. Not having any photographs of lightning striking, or superheroes ka-powing (though I do have a picture of a carboard cutout of Qi-gon Jin, with his light sabre…..) here’s an arty shot of some rays of sun, zapping a river…
rays of sunlight on teh river at Kesh

Photohunt: texture

This is the Millennium stone in Delamont Park, Killyleagh.

I love the way it invites you to reach out and touch that warm textured stone.

Photohunt Reflect

The modern buildings in the City of London are constructed of lots of glass, which then show strange reflections of each other.

photohunt sturdy

My sturdy dog-walking boots, after a hard day’s tramping.

Photohunt fresh

These are some freshly unfurled skunk cabbage or swamp lantern, taken at the lake in Hillsborough forest.
bright yellow leafand tall seed stalk

Their colour is stunning in the spring sunshine, all glossy and jaunty yellow. But after a few weeks the smell they give off is pungent!

Photohunt spicy

St Georges Market, in downtown Belfast is a great place to find all sorts of interesting foodstuffs.  Here’s one of the spice stalls.

an array of spices for sale

My kids always tease me about ordering the “most random thing on the menu”.  As I surveyed my morning’s purchases – roast dulse, dopiaza sauce, feta stuffed peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, pistachio and sour cherry biscotti  and a bottle of sarsaparilla cordial – it did strike me as being particularly “random”, even by my standards!  Well worth a wander any time you’re passing by.