Photohunt Fluffy

Here’s baby dog, Minerva.

Mini the cocker spaniel

Compared to her big brother Max,, she’s decidedly fluffy! Weimaraners don’t take a lot of grooming, with their ultra short coats, but Mini’s had to have several baths, and be blow-dried with a hair dryer afterwards. My friend Marleen was enjoying making her hair stand up in a Mohawk 🙂

She’s starting puppy training class, and is a very good sitter. Now we’re working on recall, and walking nicely on a lead.

Photohunt Bliss

It was tricky to capture what bliss means to me
A large cup of tea? A walk by the sea?
I don’t like to lie in the bathtub for hours
I’d rather have showers, but not scented with flowers
But I came home one day, and what do you think –
I found this in the sink! How it made me blink!
an ashtray soaking in a basin
My husband’s been trying to give up the smoke
Like plenty of folk, so the ashtray must soak
It’s easy to start, not so easy to stop
But his heart needs an op, so they’ve now got the chop

And so now all that smell will be gone from the air

For our health we will care, and our future we’ll share

With more money and energy, full of good cheer

Hoping dreams will appear,  year after year

Photohunt circular

I often walk Max in Hillsborough forest on a Saturday morning. I gain a real sense of calm by being amongst those magnificent tall trees which have stood there for hundreds of years. There’s always something to marvel at in nature. This pattern of moss on the side of a tree caught my eye.

Circular moss patterns on the side of a tree

There were quite a few dogs around this morning, although the mood was a little sombre: earlier this week 2 huskies had escaped and were worrying some sheep, and unfortunately had to be shot. So while I let Max have a bit of off-leash time, I was very alert for any weak points in the perimeter fence.

Chorizo bean stew

I might blog a few recipes this year! This one is based on a Nigel Slater recipe. I do love Nigel – he has a relaxed approach and an obvious passion for food which is infectious. This is a wonderful hearty soup/ stew, using mostly store cupboard ingredients.

Cut a chorizo sausage into chunks,and brown in a saucepan with an onion and some garlic.

Peel some carrot and parsnip, and cut into chunks. Add these to the pan.

Add a tin of tomatoes, and a tin of beans. I used borlotti beans tonight, but cannelini, butter, or chickpeas would be just as good. Add one canful of water. Stir it all together and season – pepper, salt, some basil or oregano, and a few dried chili flakes. And the zest of an orange.

Simmer with the lid half on for at least 45 minutes. Serve in a bowl garnished with parsley, accompanied by a hunk of crusty bread to mop up all the paprika-y goodness.


Photohunt Bling

This one’s for sale!
Sputnik light fitting – I had this in my front room in Holywood (wow, 5 years ago). The room itself used to contain my interesting bits and bobs, and we christened it the “design shrine”. This light, with it’s twinkly bulbs and crystal dangly bits hung in there.
sputnik light fitting

But all those tiny bulbs lead to lots of shadows, so it’s not a great light for reading by. And there isn’t a suitable room for it in EITHER of my houses! So I’m about to list it for sale on a local “buy and sell” page on Facebook. What do you reckon – £20?

2012, the year of Photohunting!

I feel a bit guilty that I’ve been such an intermittent blogger, so I’ve decided in 2012 to do thon photohunt thingy – each week there’s a theme, and I have to find or take a photograph which represents it.

This week’s theme is “gather”, whuch gives me the opportunity to share one of the photos my son took of me having my feet nibbled in a foot spas this week. My daughter had given me a voucher for Christmas, as I’d expressed an interest in trying one out. But oh my! Never again! I found the whole experience agonisingly ticklish, I was counting down the seconds until my 10 minutes was up.

garra rufa fish gathering around my ankles

The little ankle biters gather around

I’m turning the experience into a Guide Entry for the new improved h2g2, but I won’t be hurrying back. Some people claim they gain smooth feet and a feeling of calm relaxation afterwards – I experienced neither.

Hey ho, Happy New Year!