2012, the year of Photohunting!

I feel a bit guilty that I’ve been such an intermittent blogger, so I’ve decided in 2012 to do thon photohunt thingy – each week there’s a theme, and I have to find or take a photograph which represents it.

This week’s theme is “gather”, whuch gives me the opportunity to share one of the photos my son took of me having my feet nibbled in a foot spas this week. My daughter had given me a voucher for Christmas, as I’d expressed an interest in trying one out. But oh my! Never again! I found the whole experience agonisingly ticklish, I was counting down the seconds until my 10 minutes was up.

garra rufa fish gathering around my ankles

The little ankle biters gather around

I’m turning the experience into a Guide Entry for the new improved h2g2, but I won’t be hurrying back. Some people claim they gain smooth feet and a feeling of calm relaxation afterwards – I experienced neither.

Hey ho, Happy New Year!

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  1. I didn’t see this last week…That is quite the gathering 🙂

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