The year in parkrun – 2022

After “The Great Pause” it took a while for running events including parkrun to get back up again. And after I’d done The London Marathon last year as part of my 60th birthday celebrations, I half-jokingly said I was never running again. Aditionally, as part of the team getting Hillsborough Forest parkrun started, I felt committed to giving a good percentage of my time and energy to volunteering. Given all that, my stats for the year are not too shabby!

I managed 29 parkruns (including quite a few as tailwalker)

I volunteered 47 times (that includes Juniors). And one memorable Junior day when the locks on the shed containing all the equipment had been changed, I made sure the event could go ahead by cunningly fashioning position tokens out of scraps of paper.

I tourist volunteered at Crystal Palace Juniors.

I ran my 300th parkrun (arbitrary), and gave the pre-run brief in the style of Baby Shark (sorry notsorry ’bout the earworm)

I regained Norn Irn Regionnaire status completing Derrynoid Forest parkrun, Dunleath Playing Fields parkrun and parkrun tourism: Limepark Playing Fields

I also touristed at parkrun tourism: Lymington Woodside where I got to run with my son,

parkrun tourism: Eastbourne, the new must-do in Edinburgh, parkrun tourism: Holyrood, and the 5 lapper in London that’s relatively easy to get to, one stop from Kings Cross, parkrun tourism: Highbury Fields

And of course completed the alphabet at Zuiderpark parkrun

This takes me to 88 venues, so one big aim for 2023 will be to attain full Cowell of 100.

I co-ordinated the NI leg of UK parkrun tourist day at Knockbracken Reservoir.

I tail-walked on Christmas Day as Mrs Claus

My fastest time this year was 38-50, one of my slowest years ever. But y’know what? There’s more to parkrun than running.

Here’s to 2023!

NI (and other) parkruns: summary list