In my dreams…

I’ll apologize in advance for the self-indulgent and wallowing nature of this blogpost.  I know I’m peri-menopausal, and I can feel a bout of depression about to descend.  And I feel myself yearning for things I know I cannot have.


this apartment for instance.

Affordable, certainly, but impractical without any Max-factor.  And yet I so want to view it.

And then there’s
this car.

Again, impractical, but I want it.

And I’m toying with some faux self-analysis – why do I want these things? Do I only think I want them?  Am I mourning the fact that children and dogs are compromising my choices? Why do I need a wow-factor in my life..sorry..possessions?  Am I that shallow?

I suspect that living alone will precipitate more of these navel gazing type considerations.

But for now, I’m going to go view that apartment. No harm in looking!

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  1. Well, as far as I know, I’m not peri-menopausal. But we all get Days Like This. You know, the ones Van *doesn’t* sing about. All you can do is sit them out and be aware that the storm will pass.

    Daydreaming about nice things isn’t the worst thing in the world if it’s what gets you by. And you’re not shallow enough to obsess over them, that’s what’s important.

    And if ever you want an ear to gripe into…

  2. Daydreaming is what gets us through the low points. It sheds a glimmer of light into the dark places we sometimes find ourselves inhabiting.

    I found that becoming post rather than peri evened out a lot of the highs and lows – once I got over the sadness of leaving that part of my life behind.

    Keep dreaming. Once day you’ll wake up and find the sun’s shining again and realise you’re happy with the realistic alternatives to your dream aspirations.
    Ach – you know this – I’m just stating the bleedin’ obvious again.

    In the meantime – take yourself off and do something self-indulgent.
    When I have the money, I go to a spa. When I’m broke, I buy a new pair of knickers and a bar of lovely soap.


  3. Oh I’m feeling much more positive already. Coping with reality is always my strength, and looking for positives comes naturally.

    I’ve identified the (practical) area of Belfast I want to live in – Sydenham. I’m investigating the possibilities of a mortgage now while prices are low. But if that can’t happen before we sell our joint house, then I’ll rent there (loads available, cheaper than current place) and assess what it’s actually like to live there.

    Only compromise is on the wow factor, but I reckon a few trips to IKEA should sort that out!

  4. I’d only want the car if it came with a full-time driver. And then the car would have to be a vintage Jaguar…

    Don’t like the situation of that apartment – looks cold and empty sitting out there in the middle of a parking lot. Max is worth much more than that.

    It’ll come. When it all starts fitting together.

    Meanwhile, keep dreaming. Good for the soul.


    That’s more like a dreamhouse though! Especially like the circular library with secret door to spiral staircase and study 🙂 And teh moat! And the treehouse! For a smidge under half a mill it sounds like a bargaIn!

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