What a fabulous weekend!  The sunshine makes everyone smile, and I had lotls of lovely little things happen to me, so I was feeling generally very at peace with the world.  I took Max to Drumkeeragh to enjoy the weather.

Bees buzzing around fluffy catkins

And what a might fine morn it was!  The sun was really hot, so I was soon delayered down to a light Tshirt and short trousers.  The birds were singing lustily, and the bees were buzzing…er..bustily.   I stopped and admired a little robin singing his heart out right at teh top of a tree, and then these large fuzzy bees round the catkins on this tree.  Mmmm, spring.

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  1. …and another brilliant one today!

    I’m working out in the country at the minute, so I took a long lunch and had a good walk. The wheat that wasn’t even noticeable a month ago is nearly knee-height now, and even the cows seemed to be smiling in their own lackadaisical way.

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