parkrun tourism: Limepark Playing Fields

parkrun #316 event #86

Reason for visit = regionnaire status regained, and calling in with parents on the north coast where my sister was visiting.

The Dark Hedges, a popular tourist site a few miles from the parkrun.


Situated just outside Armoy, it’s on a pretty good road between the Frosses roundabout and Ballycastle. I drove, public transport options are not great.


Plenty of car parking, and there are even loos! No cafe on site, but there are options in Armoy, or if you’re touristing in the area, try the Dark Hedges.


It’s 3 laps, though they loop and switch back and forth quite a bit. Mostly flat, one sharp hill.

Mixed terrain, slippy grass and loose gravel. First time ever I’ve heard “slugs on the path” as a course hazard – definitely a merch opportunity there, “I beat the slugs at Limepark”. (I thought I’d taken some photos of the slugs, but somehow they are not there!)


It’s a bit out of the way – I’d expected a few more regionnaire chasers there at event 3, but there were just 65 runners. I did bump into some Wallace parkrun chums, and there was the full range from speedy gonzales to slower jog-walkers. Might pick up some Ballycastle holiday makers, or Portrush wans looking for a change.


Blue hokkas, shirty capris, WMN top, cow cowl, and zippy belt for phone and keys. Wraparound sunglasses and black headband, sweat wristband in matching grey. Apple watch behaved itself!

Appropriate Song On Shuffle:

I’d actually chosen my start song on Spotify, given that this was my 316th run: The country boy’s trifecta of “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3-16” by Keith Urban started me off, and then Spotify threw me a selection of self recriminating, joy of drinking, she used to be mine type ballads. My brain winced at lyrics that talked about dancing under the stars in the September rain……..


I’d just hot-footed it (geddit?) from the podiatrists, but was still struggling with plantar in my heel, so I was jog-walking around, and stopping to take photos of slugs, which didn’t work, so a time of bang on 46 mins was OK.

We were really lucky with the weather, the early morning rain dried off and we had plenty of sunshine. Other parkruns in the East were less fortunate.

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