Editing suite

I seem to have spent most of today in edit mode: this afternoon was devoted to sitting in a dark room with a bloke in Newtownards who I’ve entrusted to edit the old camcorder tapes of my parents. This will be part of the Golden wedding anniversary present so I’d like a good job made of it. As we went through the rushes and I watched him edit, using me to identify which grandchild was which, I got the horrible feeling I could have done better myself. I did have fun though, using the number of candles on the cake, or the badge the child was wearing, and the “Happy Birthday to….” name in my quest for identification. And gosh it was spooky seeing all the kids when they were teeny. And more than a little embarrassing

7th birthday cake

7th birthday cake

seeing my hairstyles and outfits.

3 Responses

  1. Learning to edit has been on my “to do” list ever since zoomer gave me his old camcorder when he was here visiting last October.

    I’m not actually sure if I have problems editing because I never get to that point. My first problem is getting whatever editing software I use to recognise my video files and, so far, this has never happend.

    Well, I’m sure that with perseverence I will one day learn whether I’m a crappy editor or not.

    Will you be posting the anniversary vid here?

  2. The vid will be about 3 hours long so I think I’ll spare you that! I now have a digital camcorder (JVC GR-D340EK), and I use Windows movie maker for editing. I make my photo montages with that as well, and find it very user-friendly. The “professional” was using Pinacle studio.

  3. Oh, how lovely to see another friend blog!

    I remember my grandfather doing 8mm filming, but I have no idea where all those films went when he died…


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