Tough Year

Blimey this has been one annus horribilis! Moving house is acknowledged as being stressful – I’ve done it twice in 2010. Splitting up is stressful – I’ve been dumped twice. By email.

And yet my positive side still is able to see these as steps forward, a new start, maybe a sideways move, but the next stage in the roller coaster of life.

Have just started internet dating, and Oh! My! God! I think there may be a book in this one! What a lot of weidros there are out there!shilouette of a hanging basket

5 Responses

  1. Ouch! I can relate to that.. It sometimes seems that the crap comes in storms, not in gentle drizzles.

  2. Dumped *twice* by email??? I am seriously out of the loop. I think you need to come to Sevilla!

  3. Yeah, I told him he wasn’t serious the first time!

    In a way it’s been good for him – he’s recognising and learning things about himself, which will take some time.

    Meanwhile I’m becoming the phoenix, testing myself, trying new things, and rediscovering and re-inventing myself.

    I’ll definitely be back to Seville some time soon, but I’m busy that weekend. Taking part in Nic Green’s Trilogy, actually! I’ll let you google that for yourselves 😉

  4. I didn’t have to audition for Trilogy, they just ask for willing and very brave volunteers…

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