A Handbaaaaaaaag?????

Why are women’s handbags so badly designed? Its a great concept, a receptacle for all your bits and bobs, but I cant stand the ones that hook over your arm (like The Queen has, though goodness knows what she keeps in it), and over one shoulder is back for your posture, while a rucksack is a security risk. So I like one that goes across the body. Preferably with lots of zippy pockets. And that looks smart. Do you KNOW how hard it is to meet all those criteria? I did have a fake Kipling I’d bought in China last year, but recently the wee pull tags have been falling off so I needed a replacement. And here she is:
a taupe handbag on an orange sofa

Now it’s not perfect – I love the colour and the fancy material inside, but I could do with a few more pockets for keys, make up etc.

Surely there’s a market for this!

One Response

  1. I got this bag just before going to London last September – it’s perfect! Tons of little pockets everywhere, and just big enough for everything I need to carry around.


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