Photohunt Drop

Why do we use the word “drop” meaning to go down a couple of dress sizes? And why is it a “dress” size?

I’m a real bargain hunter, especially when it comes to clothes – I can smell a sale-rail at 30 paces. And of the reasons I fell in love with my husband was his theory that “sale rail bargains don’t count as shopping”

I found a fabulous pair of jeans in a “pop-up shop this week – it took me several goes to find the shop open at a time that I was passing, but my patience was rewarded with a brand new pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, price tag showing original price of £150, for a tenner. And the size? A 4.
the label of a pair of jeans

Now, they do promise to make you look a size smaller. And they are skin tight. And that’s an 8 in UK sizes. And they’re sort of stretchy, like jeggings rather than stiff denim.

But I cannot wipe the smile off my face. This time 18 months ago, my trousers were a UK size 16.

Photohunt Heart

I had wanted to put a photo of my husband’s chest scar, after his recent heart surgery, but he wouldn’t let me unleash that on the internet!

While he was in hospital, they recommended that he take off all jewellery. So I wore his wedding rings around my neck, symbolically next to my heart, while he was there.
mys husbands wedding rings on a chain around my neck

It was a real comfort to have them so close to me – every time I missed him, or wanted to tell him something, I could just reach for the chain around my neck and give the rings a little caress.

Now, he did put them back on when he’d recovered and was out of ICU, but he took them off again for a final X-ray. And currently cant find them. The search continues, but in the meantime this photo is even more important than ever.

So, that year in summary…

Welll… I’d said it was probably the toughest year of my life. And possibly also the best. Here’s a photo montage of some of the highlights.


The Gambia, Calum’s Road, leaving in January in heavy snow, heavy laden bike, The Butcher’s Shop restaurant (where we got food poisoning), and a return to the original road on Raasay.

Severe weather conditions, but spring arriving!

Volcanic ash disruption, and alternative ways home. Prince Charles waving to me, and Meet the Meat.
New iPhone!

New abode – planes trains and automobiles.

Bad bananas and mad dogs.

Talented daughter and bf.

Pangalactic gargleblasters on 101010.

Parking fine and flat tyre.

Major work to the Beahive – shed, bathroom, boiler, furniture from IKEA, where I’m now on first name terms with the staff.

The many aspects of me – new hair, new bag, my Trilogettes, dressing up as Doc for a Back-to-the-future-a-thon, Beatrix, working out measurements in the Numbers room, balloons, bingo by the pool, dancing with Chris Hollins….and getting engaged!

I’ve ended the year 1/2 a stone lighter than I began, and I hope 2011 will be as full of adventure and fun !

Tough Year

Blimey this has been one annus horribilis! Moving house is acknowledged as being stressful – I’ve done it twice in 2010. Splitting up is stressful – I’ve been dumped twice. By email.

And yet my positive side still is able to see these as steps forward, a new start, maybe a sideways move, but the next stage in the roller coaster of life.

Have just started internet dating, and Oh! My! God! I think there may be a book in this one! What a lot of weidros there are out there!shilouette of a hanging basket