Photohunt taste

Ah, a very special bottle of Scottish malt whisky indeed! From a syndicate of motorbikers, which I was supposed to join but my cheque was delayed in the post. And then another member had to bow out, so I got to take over his share! Cask strength Cragganmore, my absolute favourite malt.a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass

The name of the whisky, Nakambale, was the biker name of our dear friend and Gambian trip fundraiser Gert de Jonge, who was tragically killed in a bike accident. And the shot glasses were given to us by the Old Blacksmiths at Gretna Green, when we got married there.

Photohunt Heart

I had wanted to put a photo of my husband’s chest scar, after his recent heart surgery, but he wouldn’t let me unleash that on the internet!

While he was in hospital, they recommended that he take off all jewellery. So I wore his wedding rings around my neck, symbolically next to my heart, while he was there.
mys husbands wedding rings on a chain around my neck

It was a real comfort to have them so close to me – every time I missed him, or wanted to tell him something, I could just reach for the chain around my neck and give the rings a little caress.

Now, he did put them back on when he’d recovered and was out of ICU, but he took them off again for a final X-ray. And currently cant find them. The search continues, but in the meantime this photo is even more important than ever.

Where did the year go?

Oh dear I have been very remiss in not keeping this blog up to date. I promise I’ll try harder.
We’re starting the serious countdown to the wedding now – the date and time at Gretna Green is booked, plus our accommodation (4 poster bed honeymoon suite in a country manor), and transport.
I have my dress (bargain on eBay) and my bouquet (bespoke piece crafted by a local jeweller from old brooches, earrings etc.) Still need shoes and jacket. I keep joking that November in Scotland dictates that I need a macintosh and wellies.

The evening do is booked venue wise and bar facility wise (that’s the most important bits!) Still have to finalise food and entertainment.

So I’ll do a bit of a Bridezilla blog thing for the next few weeks, and allow myself to get a bit stressed (I believe it’s customary).

Hmmm, old new borrowed and blue – I should have a think about that, I guess.