Where did the year go?

Oh dear I have been very remiss in not keeping this blog up to date. I promise I’ll try harder.
We’re starting the serious countdown to the wedding now – the date and time at Gretna Green is booked, plus our accommodation (4 poster bed honeymoon suite in a country manor), and transport.
I have my dress (bargain on eBay) and my bouquet (bespoke piece crafted by a local jeweller from old brooches, earrings etc.) Still need shoes and jacket. I keep joking that November in Scotland dictates that I need a macintosh and wellies.

The evening do is booked venue wise and bar facility wise (that’s the most important bits!) Still have to finalise food and entertainment.

So I’ll do a bit of a Bridezilla blog thing for the next few weeks, and allow myself to get a bit stressed (I believe it’s customary).

Hmmm, old new borrowed and blue – I should have a think about that, I guess.

2 Responses

  1. Stress? Nah, you’ll be grand. I take it you can allow yourself a drinkie or two between now and November too…

    Also, don’t worry about rainy Scottish autumn weather. A rainy wedding’s an omen of a happy marriage (old country wisdom from me Granny!)

  2. Ah, how plans changed! Roger’s heart condition flared up, meaning he needs surgery, and so we put all the post wedding plans on hold. Still went ahead with the do in gretna, though, including being the “and finally..” bit on the 10 o’clock news!

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