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One of the nicest reasons to indulge in a bit of tourism – visiting my first grandchild!

Getting There:

Salisbury itself is not the easiest city to get to from Norn Irn. Bristol airport is a good hour and a half away, with trains about once an hour. Southampton airport is a bit closer, but much more expensive. We stayed in the Qudos hotel in the centre, about 20 minutes walk or 5 minutes by car.

The postcode given on the parkrun site is for the building opposite the park, so be prepared to ignore your sat nav once you can see the car park at Churchill Gardens. There’s a good amount of parking (though I wonder what next week’s event no 333 Nelson number will attract!), but a very narrow height barrier to get through.


There’s a toilet block by the car park. A coffee cart used to be available, maybe it will be there in the summer months. Lots of play areas for family and spectators to amuse themselves.


On the plus side, it’s pretty flat, and good tarmac all the way. On the minus side it’s a spur to the perimeter and then FOUR laps. So keep counting. It is also quite close to running water, and can be prone to flooding, so do check for the latest updates.


Great friendly bunch of volunteers! The tailwalkers were wearing dinosaur tails, and one marshall had a selection of running music to keep us all motivated.


I was in my new leggings wot have pocketses, so I carried my phone in there, and listened to the latest “With Me Now” podcast on my bone conductor headphones. I wore my WMN top and cow cowl, but didn’t see any other obvious tourists. I wasn’t wearing a smart watch, so I wasn’t keeping an eye on my time.


I’m still not managing to get to training sessions, so this is the only running I do, and a time of 41-49 was what I was expecting. Hey, I could well be back in the future, so always leave yourself the chance to get a PB on a repeat visit!

Strangely Appropriate Song on Shuffle:

I am now a fan of listening to podcasts while I run, as it can really take your mind off the pain of running. WMN is of course a great soundtrack, but I’ve also been enjoying Dr Xand’s investigation into ultra processed foods (UPFs).

Post run:

We enjoyed a fabulous full fry at Carwardrine’s cafe in town. Great friendly service, highly recommended.

And the rest:

It’s a beautiful part of the world to spend a few days.

Thatched roofs decorated with animals, and I managed to achieve a bucket list item of seeing Stonehenge. Salisbury cathedral is definitely worth a visit too, highest spire in GB, for useful quiz knowledge!

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