Home Alone 10: Fried Rice

OK, so 10 days later, and lots of the veg is starting to show its age.

I have 4 large mushrooms – I prefer chestnut mushrooms as I think they have more flavour, keep better, and don’t shrink as much in cooking.

rice 001

I have a rather skinny pak choi

rice 003

Some wizened beans, and some mini peppers.

rice 002

In a large fry pan, I sauteed the pak choi and peppers in a drizzle of local rapeseed oil and some garlic.

rice 005


rice 004

I added a dash of tamari sauce, and some lemon juice.

I use a splash cover, which I find gives enough cover to create a steaming environment.

rice 006

I added my sliced mushrooms – they were so large that I only added 2 of them.  And a dash of mushroom ketchup.

rice 007

When they were all nicely softened, I stirred through my leftover rice, ensuring it was well mixed.

rice 009

I cracked an egg into a bowl and added some tamari.

rice 008

I whisked those together, and then stirred everything through the rice and veg until the egg was cooked.

I’d been toying with adding some seafood, but honestly, there was so much there already I had no room!

rice 010



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