Home Alone Goking 9: Laksa

Slight change of schedule today – I’m running a 10k this evening, so I need something carby and proteiny for lunch.  I dug out some treasures from my freezer, and made Gok’s Laksa.

laksa 002

It’s very handy having individually wrapped salmon fillets in the freezer, and they can be microwaved or oven baked straight from frozen.

laksa 004

King prawns are another freezer must-have in my kitchen, as I love them! The recipe to serve 2 called for 8 prawns: I added 10.

laksa 005

I had most of the called-for spices in jars of puree, including galangal, ginger, chilli and garlic.  For chillies especially, I find this the easiest way to regulate and control the heat. I even had curry powder and kafir lime leaves!

What I didn’t have was tomatoes, but I substituted broccoli spears and mushroom.

The quantities of rice vermicelli in the recipe were 200g for 2, ie 100g each.  I find that one nest, at 45g is plenty.  But you make the soup, and then pour over the soaked noodles, so it’s pretty easy to have more or fewer noodles as desired.

laksa 006

This was really easy and quick to make.  Gok says 700 calories, but I did halve my noodle portion.  The chilli hit was just right, a little ticklish on the back of the throat, and a bit nose-runny, but that’s the way (uh-huh uh-huh) I like it. The only tricky thing is how to eat it – you need both a spoon and a fork, and a wide splash zone free from anything valuable.

laksa 007



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