8 down, 4 to go

Right, the day of the race is getting really close now! But I’ve had a great week of running, and I’m looking forward to the big day.

Two Dogs Running

On Tuesday I tried something new.  My big dog, Max, is my usual running mate.  Except for parkruns, where the crowds freak him out.  But I also try to exercise my little dog, Mini.  She’s allowed at parkruns as long as the weather’s good.  I can just about walk them both together, using head collars, but the thought of running with them together is just a bridge too far.  But I chose a shortish route, and ran it twice, once with each dog.

Thursday morning was a bit damp, but I did my run round the river before breakfast.

Saturday dawned dry and sunny, so it was looking good for Mini to accompany me to Wallace Park.  Having broken the 30 minute barrier last week, I put all thoughts of speed and pace out of my mind, and instead just ran for the sheer joy of it.  The sun was shining, Mini behaved herself impeccably, and my shuffle gave me Daft Punk’s Harder, Faster, Stronger, which I think is my fitness theme song.

When I started Parkrunning 10 weeks ago, I was very despondent that out of a field of 33 runners, I was 30th, and was finding it really difficult to improve my time even by seconds. Today I finished 51st out of a field of 107 runners (ie in the top half), was the 7th lady, and once again broke my previous best time, coming in at 28:46.  It did occur to me that the more I run, the less I weigh, and the less I weigh, the faster I can run.  So being a stone lighter than I was at Christmas is undoubtedly bringing benefits.

I know an old lady…

Sunday was Max’s turn to come with me on my distance run.  I chose the same route as I’d done the past 2 times, as it’s basically the last section of the race route, and added on an extra loop at the end to take me past the finishing line.  It was lovely.  I was running without my usual jacket (same as yesterday) so instead my little pouch came in handy, holding phone, house key and poo bag.m&s food 001

I had a huge grin on my face as Taio Cruz’s Higher was playing.  But I had to stop singing along, as all that lovely burgeoning spring wildlife means there’s lots of flies around, which managed to get in my mouth, up my nose, in my hair….and yes I know insects are full of protein, and could be the answer to the world’s food shortages, but bleurgh!

Anyway, that’s 3 Sundays that I’ve run about 10 miles.  Following my training plan, I have a 6 mile run to do next week, then the longest run pre-race, or 12 miles, and then we’re into a taper week.  Still time to donate to a great cause!


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