5:2 Caviare and samphire

I had 2 good fasting days this week. On Tuesday, I had a rather decadent breakfast of egg white and spinach omelette, with a small bit of smoked salmon, and a teaspoon of caviare, which comes in at only 4 calories a teaspoon.  Total breakfast – 100 cals.

fastfood 001

Lunch was an 18 cal miso soup.  For dinner, I reheated the Tom Yum soup I made last week.  Sadly, those miracle noodles, though they’d been fine when freshly cooked, didn’t react well to being frozen, and were rather wrinkled and rubbery.  178 cals.

I’ve found myself drinking things I wouldn’t normally – at a meeting on the Tuesday morning I found myself enjoying black coffee, though I’m not normally a coffee drinker.  I bought some Millicano instant coffee, and a jar of  rather enticing smelling maple and walnut flavour coffee.

fastfood 002 tomyum 007

On Thursday, I blew my daily sugar allowance on a 90 calorie fruit salad – a pot of grapefruit segments in juice, with cantaloupe, blueberries and raspberries.  Lunch was another miso soup, which I’m finding enough in the middle of the day, though I did cave mid afternoon and have an extra light laughing cow cheese on 2 weight watchers wheat and oat crackers.

For dinner, I was aiming to make a sort of faux mash, using turnip and parsnips.  I boiled the chopped up veg in water with a dash of stock, and when they were soft  drained them and added in 2 handfuls of spinach, stirring that round to wilt.  Then I mashed it all together with a potato masher.  I piled the resulting mash on a plate, topped with a pile of blanched samphire (10 calories for a handful) and added a tomato and some thin pastrami slices.  This was a LOT of food – I couldn’t finish the mash – for under 200 cals.

fastfood 008fastfood 007

fastfood 003

fastfood 004

fastfood 005

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