5:2 Super noodles!

Into my 6th week of this – managed to stay at the same weight after last week’s single fast. Was the same weight this week, but my body fat % was down, which I’m happy about.

Tuesday’s fast started with a fruit salad – grapefruit, blueberries, blackberries and canteloupe. With careful measuring of quantities, this came in at 70 calories.

tomyum 005

I’d started 5and2ing by keeping fairly close to my normal intake of breakfast, snack, lunch of soup and salad, snack, and dinner. I’ve managed to cut out the snacks on fast days, and then stopped the salad at lunch, and am now working on shaving that soup down to a minimum. Today it was Tesco Light Choices Chinese chicken noodle, which was lovely and only 43 cals.

For dinner, I wanted to use some scallops (90g only 80 cals).  I also had some leftover fennel to use up, and about 1/3 can of sliced mushrooms.  I finely chopped the fennel, and simmered it with the sliced mushrooms in a cup (100ml) of Big Tom spiced tomato juice.  When those were cooked, I added in the scallops and simmered for about 5 minutes.  I served this on Aunt Bessies carrot/ swede mash, to which added the leaves off 2 sprigs thyme to give a bit of oomph.  The whole very satisfying plateful was about 200 cals.

tomyum 006

My Thursday fast started with a souffle omelette of one egg, 2 egg whites, and a few mushrooms.  I even added a little parmesan for an extra 20 cals.  Lunch was a miso soup for 40 cals, and for dinner I was excited to try the new miracle/ zero calorie noodles.   Reviews had made me worry about the smell (it was fine) the faff about preparing (rinse, then simmer in boiling water for 3 minutes) and the texture (they were a bit like rice noodles but totally edible, and I’d have them again.)  I made them into a Thai soup with Tom Yum paste, chestnut mushrooms  spring onion, and prawns.  Served with coriander and lime juice.

tomyum 008tomyum 009tomyum 010

The resulting soup was a huge plateful – the 200g pack of noodles was 2 portions, so I saved half the soup for next week – hope those noodles freeze OK!  A big bowl of soup came to about 175 cals.

tomyum 011