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Eurovision 2023

It was a real pleasure to stay with a fellow Jog Lisburner who has since moved to the Wirral, and has continued his parkrun journey in the closest event at (and you have to always say the name in the broadest Liverpudlian accent you can muster) Birkenhead.


There is still a boat from Belfast to Liverpool, which handily enough docks at Birkenhead. The parkrun itself takes place in gorgeous Birkenhead Park, the first ever public park. There’s not a lot of car parking near the start, so please park considerately on the side streets. What Three Words for the gate to the park is

pack stem lines


It’s a 2 lapper, all on wide tarmac footpaths. Being so wide there’s bound to be some variation in the distance recorded by your smartwatch. Keep left on the first lap to allow others to overtake, during your 2nd lap you can pick the shortest running line between curves as the crowd thins out. It’s mostly flat, though there’s a long slow incline towards the end of the circuit. The park is quite stunning, with lots of lovely old trees.


It’s a big one, usually around the 500 mark, so seed yourself at the start for a smooth take off. Good age range, with some buggies and doggies as well.


Attendees had been encouraged to show their Eurovision support. Indeed, there was blue and yellow bunting at the finish for Ukraine, with some Euroviz tunes being played. I took my inspiration from last year;s winners, the Kalush Orchestra, in my pink bucket hat and embroidered waistcoat. They were quite hot for running in!


Coffee and toilets in the rugby club, or in the park visitor centre.


I was jog-walking, particularly in my warm outfit, so my time was 43m 18s

Strangely Appropriate Song On Shuffle:

The absolute crowd pleaser in the arena was Finland with the gloriously bonkers Cha Cha Cha


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