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Reason for visit – the fabulous Jemima Brown in the premiere of Surge!

I’d originally hoped to do Wollaton Hall, being walking distance from the hotel where I was staying on the Nottingham University campus. But it was cancelled this week (tourist tip – check the volunteer roster in advance), and Beeston was the next closest.


My journey had been fraught with difficulties. I’d booked flights to East Midlands with Fly Be, 2 days before they went into administration. So rebooked with Easyjet going via Birmingham, which is a good couple of hours away by in. I asked the hotel to book me a taxi, and watched them write “Weir Fields Playing Grounds” on a post it note, But when I got out where the taxi stopped and looked around I could tell I wasn’t in the right spot. The sign said “Beeston Playing Fields”, which was a very small pitch with little signs of life. I checked google maps which told me the location I wanted was a mile and a half away, estimating a 49 minute walk. And it was already 8.20! I could have cried. But instead I jog-walked in the direction I needed, hoping that at least I could play “catch the tail walker”. As 9 o clock loomed I could see a few other runners, and finally the welcome sight of a marshall, and I managed to join the throng just before the start whistle went.

What Three Words – Quick Flood Fits is the bridge crossing the canal to the car park.

The train station is a bit closer than the tram stop, but both are still a good distance away. The parkrun page gives details of other buses nearby.


Today we ran the alternative course, starting at the pavilion, along the canal and round in a big loop, before a final out and back and a little circuit on grass. The terrain was quite muddy, trail shoes might be an option particularly if it has been raining. No hills to speak of.


There were 300 ish that day – some were surprised it wasn’t more given that there were 2 cancellations of other local events. I fell in with a great bunch of women who scooped me up doing “walk a minute run a minute”, and we chatted our way around, discussing dogs, dancing and touring. I even made the run report!

I saw a couple of other cow buffs, but didn’t get a chance to say hi. There were a few runners with dogs and buggies.


I wore my leggings with pockets (good for holding hotel key), With Me Now top, and cow cowl. Cracker, my squirrel mascot, came attached to my running belt. Blue hokkas – since I would have to wear them on the plane tomorrow I was trying NOT to get them too wet or dirty….


The “jeffing” approach of walk-run resulted in a time of 45 minutes, which I was happy enough with.

Strangely Appropriate Song on Shuffle:

I had an earworm of Angelica singing “I came all this way!” from Hamilton as I made my way to the start. I had my bone conductor headphones with me, and was having a first listen through the songs for this year’s Eurovision. I always try to do this initial hearing without knowing which country they are from. So expect the usual madness with unicorns, watergun, Mama driving a tractor (?), something VERY French (tout le monde, mon sac a main), and a jaunty saxophone. Oh, and Edgar Allen Poe.


The car park gets very busy, particularly if there are other activities taking place.

There’s a toilet block by the pavilion.

And a very cute cafe serving crumpets, toast with marmite, bacon butties and a tempting selection of cakes. I couldn’t resist the cheese scones, just out of the oven.

And the rest:

Well Jemima was just brilliant, I was delighted I could be there from the premiere. I managed to get dancing with Nottingham RSCDS on the Saturday night, and J took me for Mothers Day brunch at Browns on the Sunday morning. Just the perfect weekend!

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