Home Alone Cooking 5: Mac’n’cheese

A bit of a departure from the healthy Gok and Ella show tonight, but teh cheese drawer really needed a bit of a tidy, and I’ve been craving macaroni cheese for ages.

macncheese 006

Now, whilst it wasn’t totally wheat and gluten free, because of the flour in the sauce, I did try out a rice and quinoa fusilli.

macncheese 002

I made the sauce with some very mature cheddar, and some Stilton.

macncheese 003

I also added some steamed green beans and broccoli.

macncheese 004

The pasta looked rather pale and white, and tool 13 minutes to cook.

macncheese 005

But the end result was really satisfying – a good tasty sauce with the healthful oomph of green veg, and the pasta was very acceptable.  100g of it is a whopping 370 cals, though, and 75g carbohydrate.



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