NI parkruns: One of me pomes

It’s lovely having done all the NI runs: I can now review what times I ran them all in, pick the slowest and go back and snatch a PB! Managed to do that today at Victoria, looking glorious in the September sunshine. I even made specially parkrun-iced buns, which were much shared on social media.

Buns iced with the parkrun tree

Buns iced with the parkrun tree

Anyways, those of you who know me, know that I’m a bit of a poet. Doggerel stuff, mostly, also specialising in leaving-do limericks, commissions welcome. So here’s a parkrun pome.

The smartest move I ever made was learning how to run.

I used to do the odd 10k, but never had much fun.

But then the parkrun craze began, and so I went along

To trudge in trainer-shaped footsteps, most envious of the throng

Who clearly love their weekly free timed run – it’s not a race!

And as each 7 days went by, persistence improved pace.

I visited some far flung parks, from Larne to Armagh City

Carrick, Wallace, Comber, Falls, Victoria so pretty.

I’ve met with runners old and young, some pushing babes in buggies

Some run with friends, some run alone, some run beside their doggies.

I earned my 50 red T shirt, the 100th one is black

I fear I am addicted now, there is no going back!

Come rain or shine, the volunteers will don their high-viz vests

Greeting all the regulars, and welcoming the guests

Marshalling around the course, clapping, shouting, cheering

Encouraging the finishers as the end is nearing.

Across the line, the timer clicks, collect position token

Line up to get the barcode scanned – hope the machine’s not broken!

Conversation fills the air, over buns and tea:

The all important question – Did you manage a PB?

2014-11-11 22.37.52