NI ParkRuns: Falls

I’ve set myself a challenge of running at each of the ParkRuns in Northern Ireland, and then blogging my experience.

Today’s venue: Falls, Belfast

Hi-Ho, lets go

Hi-Ho, lets go

Access is fairly easy, not far off the M1, and there’s parking near the bowling green, where the group meets at the start. Toilet facilities are available here, which is always welcome.


The weather forecast had been for rain, so I wore my yellow running jacket. As it turned out, the sun shone, and I was too warm during the run itself.




It has a reputation as a hilly one, but I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t as bad as I’d imagined. As usual, I was ably assisted by my squirrel-propelled four-pawed companion, and Mini got lots of attention from the other runners. The park itself is very pretty, and the course consits of one small lap, followed by 2 larger laps. There are markings on the footpath at any of the turns, and at the end.

Grrrrrrrl power

Grrrrrrrl power


The usual turnout is about 60, so I was able to record my best overall position to date (28) here. There’s also quite a few slower runners, so it’s not too intimidating for beginners. They’re a nice friendly bunch, and the cup of tea afterwards was appreciated.

The End is nigh

The End is nigh

Apt/ inspiring song:

There’s always one track on my playlist which is strangely appropriate or inspiring, and today it was Biffy Clyro’s “I am a Mountain” .


My target was to do a sub-30, given the hills and the lack of training I’ve done recently. And my MapMyRun feedback was occasionally telling me my pace was a touch over 6 mins per km, but I managed to get a head of steam going for the final stretch, and came in at 27:44. I drove home with a huge smile on my face!

List of all the parkruns I’ve completed.

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  1. Minnie’s not wearing a sash there, is she?

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