Forbidden City, Beijing

We’d lost a bit of time in getting here, not least due to Beijing’s notorious traffic congestion, and so our meander through the succession of colourful rooms and marvellous treasures was speedier than such riches really warranted. But my what a glorious building.

We’d started at the back entrance, and worked our way forward until we reached the vast square familiar from The Last Emperor, emerging finally under Mao’s portrait at Tian’anmen – Heavenly Peace Gate.

One Response

  1. That was super, Linda.

    I’ve been to The Forbidden City a few times and taken a different route through it each time.
    The last time was with my daughter and we spent quite a bit of time wandering around the private buildings at the north end. I’d just been reading a novel about CiXi, the last empress, and it was fascinating to walk where she might have done.

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