Making silk

Little silk cocoons are either small (one worm) or large (2 or more). In the one-worm cocoons, the single strand of silk can be obtained and spun onto spools. For the cocoons made of more than one thread, they use a different method of stretching and layering to make a bed sized comforter.

We visited this silk place in Shanghai, only a few days into our trip. But I was delighted, as another friend of mine who’s spent a lot of time in Beijing recently had been telling me about these silk comforters or quilts, and it was at the top of my shopping list! And despite it adding a precious 2kg to my luggage for the rest of the trip, it was quite unobtrusive tucked away at the bottom of my case. And it’s now on our bed, and very comfortable it is too.

The hard sell from the staff at the rest of the visit was a bit intense, but I’m quite happy with my green silk jacket, as I have number of theatre evenings and family do’s coming up where I’ll be able to show it off.

Oh, and I have to watch my language now that my Mum’s reading this. Hi mum!

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