Big Max, Little Mac

My sister in law is just recovering from an operation at the minute, so in an attempt to offer some practical help, I volunteered to walk her wee doggie today. I hadn’t seen Mac since he was a pup, when he’d fitted in the palm of my hand. He’s a good bit bigger now, but still dwarfed beside my own pup, Max (well, he’s 2 years old now, so maybe not quite a puppy any more). We allowed them some sniffing time to get to know each other, and then risked taking them together to the grounds of Belfast Castle, with its magnificent views over the lough. Amazingly enough, it wasn’t that hard to walk them together, I even managed to keep the 2 leads in the one hand most of the time.

Linda max and mac

Of course there were some comedy wind-the-lead round my legs moments, and I accused Mac of trying to recreate that scene in Star Wars where they topple the camel-shaped At-ats by winding some sort of rope round them.

L tangled leads

On the whole, I’d call that a success! I look forward to taking the both out again some evenings next week, weather permitting. Glad to be of service!

2 Responses

  1. Wow, it’s so GREEN there.

  2. Yup. One of the plus factors about it raining every day…

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