I remember Orange parades on 12 July when I was a wee girl, back in the sixties.  Then, when they became a focal point for trouble, I kept away.  In today’s new improved Norn Irn, there’s been an attempt to rebrand the event as an inclusive family festival.  And there’s certainly plenty of colour, and music to entertain visitors!  It’s a tall order, though.  The police presence this morning was very low key:  most of the cops were on bicycles (what a brilliant idea!), and one solitary helicopter hovered overhead.  There was a zero-tolerance stance on alcohol consumption by either bandsmen or the crowd.

My video footage sadly missed some of the great enthusiastic beating of the lambeg drum, and some fantastic youngsters twirling their batons.  And we had Max with us, who behaved beautifully given the crowds and the loud music, and who received much admiring attention.