Raiders of the lost archives

Eclipse France 99

I seem to have been assigned the role of family archivist. Probably because I’ve had a camcorder since the babies were teeny, and now as I learn how to use Windows movie-maker and similar computer technology, I have great fun taking my “photo of the day”, and compiling a monthly montage, complete with background music. These things don’t run smoothly of course: movie maker won’t let me import any songs from iTunes that I have ripped from a CD, only ones that I’ve downloaded. And the ongoing saga of problems with my Sony Ericsson K770i and Vodafone continue: I’m about to send back the 4th – count ’em – replacement handset in under 6 months.  The problem this time is that it won’t speak to my computer so I can’t upload my photos.

I’ve acquired a scanner, and am working my way through the collection of old glossy paper photos – the one above was taken in France in 1999 while waiting for the last solar eclipse.

But some joy with the old camcorder tapes and machine: I found a bloke who operates out of a tiny little unit in a business park, packed to the rafters with various recording equipment. He was able to convert old camcorder tapes to DVD in under 24 hours, for tenner a tape, and I was delighted with the result, especially discovering the old footage of me as Matthew Kelly for a Stars In Yer Eyes kiddy birthday party.

So now I can freecycle that old chunky camcorder. And concentrate on getting the best out of my dinky little digital video camera – thanks for all the advice I’ve been given on recording the upcoming eclipse in China!

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