Home Alone Cooking: Gok’s Broccoli Sesame Soup


I was poaching an egg for my breakfast – it sat atop a bundle of asparagus, steamed in the microwave, wrapped in a slice of smoked salmon.  You don’t need a recipe for something so quick and simple, but it was very very good, and would work on a low cal day too.



Anyhoo, I decided to poach an additional egg for use later.

Gok’s soup had as its main ingredients broccoli, split into stalks and tops,  and spring onions.  The stalks and spronions were sauteed in a little coconut oil, and then the tops were added, along with a cup of chicken stock, and a half cup of cooked rice (I use some from a pack of microwave rice, lime and coriander flavour). The recipe called for fresh ginger, but I didn’t have any so I added a few slivers from my sushi ginger jar.


Simmer everything together for about 15 minutes, until soft.  Blend with a dash of sesame oil and soy sauce in my trusty stick blender. (I’ve been using this every day for the past while – I don’t even put it away any more!)


Presentation is important for this one – put the egg in a bowl, and carefully pour the soup around it.  Drizzle with some sesame oil, sprinkle some sesame seeds, and a few dots of chopped chilli (I get mine from a jar).


It looked really pretty!

If I was doing it again, I would do the egg fresh, so that it was warmer, and runny.  But the combination of smooth green soup, the soft egg, the crunch of seeds and a kiss of chilli was a winner.



Home Alone Cooking Day 1: swordfish and carrot courgette

Well, darling husband is away for a few days, so I get to cook all the foods that I really love, which he’s not so keen on.  I’ve had enormous joy poring over 2 cookbooks in particular: Gok’s Wok, and Deliciously Ella, and most of my meals over the next wee while will come from there.

home alone 1 010

 Ingredients:Having selected a few recipes, I made a shopping list, and decided to go for a Tesco Click and Collect job.  Time with the dogs is precious, with R away, and I’d rather not spend an hour or 2 in the supermarket. But I couldn’t get a delivery slot till tomorrow, so tonight I was going for something I could make with my store cupboard ingredients.

home alone 1 011

These include soba noodles, vermicelli rice noodles, black beans, tahini, tamari, and quinoa.

home alone 1 012

As I was going to have the oven on, I decided to also make banana breakfast bars.

home alone 1 013

I had some carrots and courgettes in the fridge, though admittedly they weren’t the freshest. And while I was in a peeling and shaving mode. I finished off the carrots so that I have some on hand for future meals.

home alone 1 014

I was surprised at the amount of oats in the breakfast bars  – I added a few extra pumpkin seeds and flaxseed. And I couldn’t find a brownie tin so I used a silicon muffin pan.

The salad was pretty simple -oil and vinegar and a few crunchy seeds.  I decided to add a swordfish steak (bake from frozen) for protein.

The result was…OK.  The salad was rather chewy and crunchy.  I’ll use the leftovers for lunches this week.

home alone 1 018

The breakfast bars were also very chewy, but the honey and vanilla make them rather moreish.

I look forward to tomorrow, and the grocery delivery!