May the Fours be with you!

A cold and crisp, but ice-free Saturday morning in February.  What better way to enjoy it than to go along to the 4th anniversary celebrations at Queens parkrun!


A few of my Jog Lisburn girlies came along too – it was Liz’s first time back here since she had a nasty fall, and they now have a warning sign at the steep slope that was the culprit.


I hadn’t done any runningwithdogs for a fortnight, after a spectacularly bad fall when my big dog decided to chase some cyclists on the towpath. I ended up with some colourful bruised elbows and knees, but it could’ve been an awful lot worse – I could’ve broken a bone, or twisted an ankle, or ended in the river.  Or Max could’ve caught the cyclists and THEY might’ve ended in the river!

Anyway, Minnie was very excited to be allowed to join me, and couldn’t wait to get going.


4th power was the name of an all-girl singing sensation on X-factor recently. but I was feeling the power of four this outing.  I passed the 1km marker at just over 4 minutes, and was hitting 3km at 14 mins. Just after the 4km marker, the unmistakable tattooed calf of parkrun Jim strode past, and I tried to keep him in sight for the final stretch.


I did lose about 14 seconds stopping to tie a shoelace, and though at one point I thought I might reach my all time PB of 24.15, I was a bit outside that, but still in the 24s (just!), which was a PB for this course.


Queens is very lucky to have such good indoor facilities, and the post run tea and coffee was accompanied by some delicious and colourful fruit platters, and a mountain of very popular bacon butties.


I even got to take a selfie with parkrun Jim, and congratulate him on his recent achievement of being the first person in Ireland to earn his 250 shirt.


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