Capsule wardrobe for Autumn

I spend far too much time faffing about in the mornings trying to decide what to wear. I’m working on compiling a few capsule wardrobe sodukos (they’re not really, they’re Latin Squares).

Here’s a sample for Autumn 2015:

4 each of tops, bottoms, shoes and accesory

4 each of tops, bottoms, shoes and accesory

Skirt 1 – black suede wraparound
Skirt 2 – gold LK Bennett
Skirt 3 – black/ white tweed LK Bennett
Crop trousers – graphite, M&S

Top 1 – Biscuit drapey sleeveless LK Bennett
Top 2 – Purple satin shirt
Top 3 – White 3/4 sleeve V neck jumper
Top 4 – Black scoop-neck tee

Footwear 1 – Black boots
Footwear 2 – Gold flats
Footwear 3 – Beige heels
Footwear 4 – Black flats

Accessories – Belt in putty, black perspex cuff, bronze/ purple flower pendant, pewter chunky. They are all laid out on a large khaki soft square scarf.

Mixing these up in the Latin square gives an outfit across each row, up and down each column, all 4 corners,and the 2 diagonals.


I think I need a pair of pewter/ bronze Skechers to wear for the walk to and from train station!

The trick to doing a Latin square is