NI parkruns: Strathclyde parkathon

I’m blogging my own journey around NI’s parkruns, but I had to record a sepcial entry for a group of awesome parkrunners from Strathclyde, who have run all 18 in One Weekend!

2014-06-21 08.15.03

I joined them at 8 am on Saturday at my home run of Wallace, Lisburn. They were wreathed in smiles, sporting tartan skirts, and a truly awesome array of red 50 and black 100 Tshirts.


Red and Black Tshirts

Red and Black Tshirts

The early morning rain ceased, and it stayed dry for their trip around our course, famous for its three visits to the duckpond, and the not-so-welcome hill at the car-park.

2014-06-21 08.15.51

We’d loved them to have stayed for tea and a biscuit, but they were dashing off to do their offical parkrun at Citypark, Craigavon, The proferred Haribos were well recieved, though, with the opportunity to joke about having the fried egg for breakfast.

2014-06-21 08.15.48

They had special hats and Tshirts, and a very well-organised schedule, backed up with a sat-nav and a luggage carrying-van.

2014-06-21 08.29.37

I can honestly say it was an inspiration to meet them, I’m delighted that they completed their challenge succesfully, and that they got to see some of Norn Irn in good weather. I look forward to running some of Scotland’s parkruns in the future.  Well done guys!

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