5:2 Golden Girls

I only did one fast day last week, but as I’m so close to my target that’s OK. This was because on my usual fasting day of Thursday, I was instead taking part in the Opening Ceremony for the World Police and Fire Games! It was a fantastic day, and I’ll blog about it separately.

One of the highlights was meeting Norn Irn’s Golden Girl, 1972 Olympic gold medal winner Dame Mary Peters.  It’s hard to believe that this sprightly, smiling woman dancing to a samba band on stilits is in her 70s!  She’s truly a testament to a healthy lifestyle – and to a positive mental attitude.

Dame Mary Peters and DJ Alan Simpson with a samba band

This week I had 2 reasonably good fasts.  I’d ended up witha  glut of courgettes in the fridge at the weekend, so I turned them into a simple stew with a head of little gem lettuce, some spring onions, also nearing the end of their useful lives, and some good quality herb stock.  The resulting stew is ridiculously low in calories – about 20-30 for a cupful – and so when I returned from my zumba class and my husband had some leftover prawn ravioli and tomato sauce, I was able to add those to my courgettes and still come in under calorie budget.

Wednesday’s fast was difficult – I felt really hungry to the point of nausea mid-morning, and had to eat a mini babybel and a packet of mini ryvitas to keep me sane.  For dinner I had a whole tin of Baxter’s carrot and coriander soup for 150 cals – really tasty with a gingery kick to it.  My other saviours that day were my caramel flavoured coffee, and some Morrocan spiced mint tea.

moroccan tea, flavoured coffe, a tin of soup

Who’s your Golden Girl?

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