Monday and Thursday again this week, which worked really well.

I’ve been playing with some of the yoghurt-like products, and so my breakfast was fromage frais with berries.  FF is ok, but it tastes a little grainy for me.

portrush parkrun 003

The nutritional content for Fromage Frais, quark, and 0% greek yoghurt is very similar  100g of each gives about 60 calories, 10g protein and 4g carbs, with very little fat.  Differences come into play with the higher fat  or flavoured varieties, but it’s good to experiment nd see which texture and sharpness you like best.

I remembered I had a meeting mid-morning, so I allowed myself some Ryvita and low-low cheese. I’ve switched from rice cakes to Ryvita – although the rice cakes have slightly less calories, (less or fewer?) they are a higher GI food. I skipped lunch – went downtown to return the iPod Shuffle which I’d bought on Sunday but which wasn’t what I needed at all, and also had my now long and strong nails done properly at the Nails Inc stand in Victoria Square.

I’m not a coffee drinker – I only consume it on fast days. Ordered a regular black coffee to go at a cafe, and was astonished at the volume of it! Kept me going till mid-afternoon.

Dinner was with husband – we have GOT to stop buying so much food. We had to eat a couple of breaded cod loin steaks or they’d be thrown out. I scraped most of the coating off mine, and had it with microwaved courgette cubes. Husband had his with a Rice fusions pyramid. Scottish dancing – had one digestive.

Thursday fast – liquids only all day. Lemon water, tea, bouillon, Bovril (I’d forgotten how much I love Bovril!), coffee, ginseng tea, more Bovril….. I ate a satsuma about 4 pm, as I was heading out to the gym later on. When I got home, husband was cooking some fresh pasta parcels stuffed with pine nuts and basil, with a spinach and ricotta sauce. Again, needed to be used before its sell-by. Thank goodness I had plenty of calories to spare – I enjoyed 2 of the delicious pillows with a little sauce, before my treadmill session. Actually, I got a stitch about half way through the run, which may have been from eating too soon beforehand.

Post gym, I made a snack wrap – discovered these new mini wraps at under 100 cals each, which are a sensible size. Spread with a blob of salsa, a handful of spinach, and 50g cooked turkey, it was the perfect post-workout food. I snuggled on the sofa with husband enjoying a diet shandy and feeling really positive.

portrush parkrun 004

portrush parkrun 005

My good mood continued on my Friday weigh-in at under 135 pounds, with a bmi now under 25!  And it was really exciting to go shopping on the Saturday, and find that I now fit into a size 8 in many stores.

I intend to continue with the “liquids only as long as poss” approach next week. Bank Holiday Monday, so I may try Tues-Thurs for a change.

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