Med Cruise: Day 3 – Ajaccio (Corsica)

I rose early and watched as the boat docked in the hazy morning sunshine. One of the nice things about cruises is the stunning views you get of islands or coastlines as you approach. After breakfast I did the short abs class, and then we made out way ashore to Napoleon’s birthplace. There was a market in the square with all sorts of delights – cheese, cured meats, and row upon row of colourful fresh fruit and vegetables.

We continued our wander hugging the coastline past the citadel, and stopped for an iced coffee at the Place de Gaulle, next to the statue of Napoleon and his 4 brothers. Suitably refreshed, we moseyed back down through the little streets of the old town until we reached the harbour again. The costline of Corsica is stunning, so I was interested in taking a boat trip, but they were either all day tours, or afternoon sunset trips, neither of which would have got us back to our ship in time. So instead we took an open topped bus tour (10 euro) which gave a superb view of the sea as we made our way out as far as Parata point. The sea was so clear here, I could see little fishies swimming in the water!

Back in the town, we found a little restaurant where I ordered an assiette Corse – cured meats including a very fatty one, cheese, and a sort of stuffed spinach pastry. Oh, and delicious fig jam. I bought some souvenirs of Corse wine, honey, nougat, and of course some of that fabulous jam. I have to be conscious of the weight limits in our luggage, otherwise I’d have bought a lot more!
My abiding memory of Corsica is the smell – the famous Corsican pines, herbs, and the tang of the sea.

Back on board I managed to get to the Cha-cha class, but missed the start of the pub quiz.

Cruise Tip Of The Day: Check what voltage the ship uses – the Island Escape is an American ship, so needs an adaptor for a US socket.

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  1. One thing in find irresistible about Mediterranean countries is the huge array of fresh fruits in these markets, and the smells, I always buy far more than I could ever eat, but I can’t stop myself . Great blog, really enjoyed your descriptions

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