Scraping together….

…every last cent! I hope to finalise the purchase of my new house by the end of July, but without selling the joint property it’s a case of liquidising assets wherever I can find them.

This wad of cash

a wad of banknotes

used to be my motorbike (farewell dear Zucchero!), but will shortly be transformed into a sparkly new bathroom. I’m going for a monochrome theme, but just off-white, and not quite black, to soften it slightly, with a silver/pearl/grey mosaic tile as a feature border.

I know it’s a stressful thing, moving house, but I’m just hoping all the timings will work out: my bathroom guy has another project after August 4th, so I want to get him in and the old bathroom out about 10 days before that. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hope you filtered out all the Edward Elgars from those wads!

    Just (re-)discovered my GMail account after about 2 years of not checking it. That was where I found various missives from you including a link to this blog. It also serves to explainmy lack of any responses to your e-mails…

    All the best with the new pad,

  2. Run into the first snag today – B&Q cant deliver until August, while I was hoping to take possession about the 23rd July, get the bathroom done before moving in. Bathroom guy has another project starting 4th August.

    I could try to cancel the order from B&Q and try to reorder from somewhere else….except they’re all a bit difficult about delivery to Norn Irn. Bah.

  3. Cancelled the order from B&Q. Found cheaper from the splendid and lovely Spendlove C Jebb. But delays from the vendor providing paperwork (and the fact that everyone in Norn Irn is on holiday next week) means that it’s more likely to be mid-August before I take possession. Bummer, but hey, I want all the legals to be OK.

  4. What new house? When? Where?

    *subscribes to email notices*

  5. Guess it’s more “sensible” with a new bathroom than a bike… but…

    Not that I ever have owned a bike, even less driven one. Once – or maybe it was twice – my then on and off bf put me on the pillion during a school trip to Greece. That was more than 30 years ago…

    Wouldn’t mind to have one though. Even glared at a Harley with three wheels – my hatchlings and my neurologist have jointly forbidden me to even try. They mutter something about balance… I pretend to not hear.

  6. Since I rode my bike about 3 times last year, but use a bathroom at least once a day, the priorities are pretty obvious.

    House is a red brick terrace near Sydenham station (so Hi David, we’ll be over in your neck of town!). In pretty good order (except the bathroom). I have many plans for ripping out old fireplaces, turning dining room windows into patio doors, having a patio…

    It DOES have off-street parking at the back, but the legal title over that is causing a bit of delay at the solicitor’s end of things, but better to have these things checked out properly. Should move in some time in August.

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