After a rather rainy Saturday, Easter Sunday dawned bright and sunny, so I took Max to our favourite walking place, Drumkeeragh Forest.  And we had the place to ourselves, so he could gallop and hurtle to his hearts content.  It was still cold – patches of snow lay unmelted in the shadow of the stone walls, and many of the puddles where the sunlight hadn’t yet hit were still glazed over with ice.  As Max lolloped along the gravel paths, his breath steamed out on either side of his head, and his tail was wagging in an almost circular fashion – he looked like a fire-breathing gyrocopter!

Now, a dog’s sense of hearing and smell is orders of magnitude better than a humans, but their eyesight is worse.  On more than one occasion, Max has leaped on what appeared to be solid ground, only to land with a splash, and emerge with a rather indignant look on his face, shaking off the excess water.  He did this again today, and once I had stopped laughing, I went to explore where he’d jumped, and found a little pond full of frogspawn, a sight I haven’t seen in years!  Spring is definitely on  the way, snow notwithstanding.

Here’s a little montage of today’s signs of spring, along with some photos taken last week with Roger’s new camera. Music is by Clannad.

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