Frosty Forest

Managed to take a good action shot of Max today!  This is rather an amazing achievement, as usually by the time I have lined up the framing background, called Max to me, and pressed the button, he’s way past me.  Honestly, I have a gazilion pics of the tip of his tail.

But today, in gloriously snowy magical Hillsborough forest, I captured this moment.

Max running in Hillsborough Forest

Run Max, Run!

I do so love the forest at all times of the year, but the current cold snap renders it a truly magical kingdom, where showers of crystal tumble upon you as you pass, and your shadow is as tall as the trees.

hillsborough forest in snowI know we’re all waiting for the thaw, so that traveling arrangements can get back to normal, but I’m carpe diem-ing, and making the most of the wonderful scenes that we currently have.

One Response

  1. Wow, those are gorgeous. And that Max sure is photogenic.

    Happy New Year!

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