New computer

new PC


Behold my new computer!  My previous one, although only 4 years old, constantly gave problems with interenet access>  We’d gone to PC World origionally to get a new wireless card, but the prices of computers fall so rapidly, with a corresponding increase in power, that it made more sense just to buy a new machine.  This little HP baby came complete with a printer/ copier and scanner all in one.  It’s got Windows 7, which I’m still finding my way around, and I also get Word and Excel 2007.


So far so fab!  The updated software is very intuitive – for instance when I stick the SD card from the camcorder into it, it instantly recognises the clips and imports them into Windows Live Movie Maker.  From there, editing is a doddle, and it’s a push button choice of “Upload to Youtube” or “Make a DVD”.


Same with photos on my phone, which in the past have given me great problems.  Now, the computer recognises the pictures and imports them itself, without any need for software from the phone.



Jem has inherited my old one, minus the internet access, but with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and iTunes it’s got lots of features that she needs for homeworks and music.


Now all I need is anme for it – any suggestions?

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  1. Well, call the old one “Eddie” – it seems as moody as the ship comp§§uter at “the Heart of Gold”.

    The new one? Out of some peculiar reason “Winston” comes into my mind. Haven’t got a clue why, though.

  2. It looks enormous! How about Jupiter?

    Is it one of those desktop all-in-one touchscreens?

    Oh, and “persianevo” is spamming that stupid video all over the place – I deleted it from my blog.

  3. Thanks Az, I did wonder about that odd vid. It’s not a touchscreen – that would get completely covered in grease and food! But it is a wide screen, which is great for working with the split screen windows on 7. I quite like Jupiter, the bringer of Joy 🙂

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